Masaki  Mishina

Painted at the age of 5 years and 9 months

Passed away at the age 7 years and 3 months

- Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Brief Profile

After the graduation of PENNSYLVANIA ACADEMY OF THE FINE ARTS, she is active as a member of Philadelphia Watercolor Club.  She is holding both solo and selected group exhibitions in USA and Japan.  Furthermore, she won many awards in USA and Internationally.

I am focusing to express my impression of Mother Nature by watercolor painting which is beauty,  hope, severe, warm,  delight, and cold etc.  Nature gave us different impression at different time even though it is the same scenery, especially winter landscape.  My painting is not realistic but semi-abstract for expression of my feeling to nature. I love watercolor  technique and hope to share these feeling with other people by my piece of works. 

          Miho Tanaka

offered by Children’s Cancer Association of Japan

The patients with osteosarcoma or Ewing sarcoma visited the Tokyo Disney Land and enjoyed entertainments with their doctors and nurses.

They all are the members of "Ashitaba-no-kai" in the Division of Orthopedics, Chiba Cancer Center, Chiba, Japan.  

"Ashitaba" means strong flowers rapidly blooming every time after stepped on.

The members of "Ashitaba-no-kai" went skiing to the famous Oze-Iwakura ski area and spent wonderful time.

offered by Ashitaba-no-kai



 Morito Iokawa

Painted at the age of 5 years

Passed away at the age 6

- Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Pink seeds

 Ami Okano

Painted at the age of 9 years


- Cerebellar medullo blastoma

Miho Tanaka

Early Spring in Pennsylvania

Yellow Roses

Memorable Seascape


No title


Instructing a sculpture
to a blind child
at the Philadelphia Museum of Art


Fresh Green in Philadelphia